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Wanwu doji shield slider - fidget toy

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Used wanwu doji shield slider in good condition. 

Very cool haptic slider, amazing sound and feel, nice heft to it. This is the Doji Shield slider, an interesting name that seems to have something to do with the current stock market.

It is the latest design of Mr.henar after his Bulletproof Shield Slider and Armor Slider. The material is Full Ss. It is smaller but thicker. It doesn’t really highlight the multiple ways of play, but strengthens the feel of push. Its surface intentionally retains some CNC knife marks, giving a aging feel. All hand polished, hand-feel is SO good.
Moreover, Doji has very smart design: it has a protruding large cross on the front and a big nest on the back, which make Doji equivalent to a Worry stones. In other words, even if it is not convenient to make annoying “patter” in public, you can still rub it with your fingers for the purpose of relaxing and relieving pressure.