TKEDC zirc slider - fidget toy

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Used TKEDC zirc slider/clicker. This version doesn’t rotate as it was from edcloong. 

Zirc body with cupronickel plate of bear and extra gorilla plate. 

“This is the TK slider, designed by a new brand designer Mr. TK. This product has a clever design and exquisite workmanship. The feature is that the plate will not detach when it is pushed up, the plate can be automatically reset when it is pulled down (this small function will add a lot of fun). The plate is replaceable, three-dimensionally carved by CNC and polished by handwork. It owns an excellent feeling experience, you can use it as both a sliding block and a Worry Stone. In addition, It has a rope hole for easy carrying.

Warm reminder, If you play for too long, your hands might feel a little sore, and you might receive some noise complaints from your families or neighbors.

Its internal structure is very complicated. Don't recommend to disassemble it. Otherwise it might take more than your expected time to put it back.

It weighs 100 grams, features 53mm long, 30mm wide, and 10mm thick.”