Magnus trio - ti with - zirc plate + additional set of buttons - slider - fidget toy

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Used Magnus trio Teflon with zirc plates and extra set of buttons.

Retailed for $360.

Let's immediately deal with "the elephant in the room"...

You're wondering if there really is over five-thousand different moves that can be done with the fidget I'm about to show you, right?

The simple truth is:

No ...there are actually more. I'm dead serious here.

I don't have an exact number as I struggle to do the maths (not only did I have to start using Excel spreadsheets ...I ended up writing my own software to try and find out how many combinations there are). It's still a work-in-progress though.


Regardless, it comes down to this:


This seemingly simple fidget has so many move combinations're unlikely to even discover them all (how about that for some damn good value!).


Okay, enough chit-chat, let's talk about this never-before-seen Trio™ fidget:


(here's a video of it in action)

There are dimples on the rear of the main body to provide positions for your fingers when rotating the body around.
They perhaps don't look like much ...but they are VERY effective and make all the difference in the world!