Magnus Titanium Wing slider - black Teflon plates

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Used Magnus wing slider with black teflon plates. 

Retailed for $217 before shipping. 

This Titanium "Wing™" slider was the result of a ton of requests for a slim fidget slider.

It took many revisions to get it right - but the result is a super-slim fidget slider that ALSO has rock-solid grip.

Length: 48mm (1.89")
Width: 30mm (1.18")
Thickness: 12mm (0.47")
Weight (Zirconium Plates): 66g (2.3oz)
Weight (Teflon Plates): 48g (1.7oz)
It's a 3-click slider with a 2 x 4 magnet layout. The magnets are the same 6 x 3mm N45 ones I put in most of my other sliders.