Fidget House - NOVO thorn coin - zirc - fidget toy

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Used NOVO thorn coin In zirc. 
Has an indentation mark as pictured.


The Thorn Coin is designed with a peaceful approach to the fidgeting experience for a different kind of play.

The elegant and minimalist design of the clicker coin is made with a mechanical structure that does not include any magnets. Compared to a magnetic clicker, it does not have a snapping sound or familiar resistance during play.


The circular mechanism of the coin includes a central bearing and two surrounding clicking pins that glide in a clockwise rotation across 18 metal thorns. This unique structure provides the Thorn Coin with a distinctive clicking experience. 




The addictive ticking sound combined with the profoundly satisfying rotating movement closely resembles the sound and feel of a mellow backward pedaling on a relaxing bike ride.


The low resistance and sound of the Thorn Coin are perfect for slow, meditative play and suitable for enhancing focus during brainstorming sessions.

Gratified with an additional clicking button with a mild sensory click, it makes the Thorn Coin an ideal everyday carry for a seamless pocket play.



Zirconium: 57.7 g.

Diameter: 42 mm

Height: 7 mm