Crux by la grange - satin SS - Fidget toy

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Pre-owned crux by La grange haptic. 

“Fidget lovers and enthusiasts- "New Fidget, New Moves, New Adventures!"

Get ready to join me on the ride of a lifetime – 'cause I've got some seriously exciting news to share. I couldn't be more thrilled or honored introducing the big debut of a new kind of fidget called, the 'Crux'! Hailing from the great state of Michigan USA, Mike Niezur and Taylor Robertson of LaGrange Haptics are not only inventors - they're dreamers, visionaries on a mission to shake up the fidgeting scene in the best way possible. The result? They absolutely hit it out of the park with this feat of ingenuity and design!
Unlocking a whole new world of moves, skills, and tricks - while also having the traditional and familiar moves available. See for yourself as we release more content throughout the week leading up to the drop! These pieces are premium pieces are a feat of ingenuity and design, make no mistake about it - THIS IS BIG!”