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Copper EDCloong armor slider

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Copper armor slider in good condition.  

This is a Armor Slider (Men-yoroi).

The design was inspired by ancient armor, typical of the oriental style. Half a year ago the prototype of its design has already been completed. But then the samples have been refined many times including the reference from our shield slider customers' thoughts and suggestions before its finalise.

The internal structure actually only changes a little.It's even compatible with the shield slider. It is, however, this little change that is hard to distinguish with the naked eye that makes the Armor Slider incredible different.

Opens up more play ways, the feeling is also thicker and the sound is more attractive. In particular, Men-yoroi made of Cu is sculpted by CNC and by exclusively hand-process surface. It brings out lots of unparalleled details. Bamboo forest, armor, mask, metal sound,etc. Just close your eyes and it will bring you back to the Warring States Period, blood and sand, honor and betrayal, sword and oath.