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B. M. Bullet - titanium slider/spinner - fidget toy

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Used black mirror bullet.

video of the action, except the one in the video is in zirc instead of titanium. 

Sold out and retails for $329.99

When it comes to fidgeting at home, the B.M Bullet offers the most unique multi-functionality combined in one fidget device. 

The Bullet is designed to fit perfectly in hand or in both, where you can enjoy 4 different modes that provide complete sensory satisfaction during play that assist with boredom, anxiety, and stress relief. 

The Bullet is the heavyweight champion with a substantial and heavy hand feel. It does not intend to be carried around in your pocket.

It includes an acrylic stand to fit perfectly on your working desk to help you refocus between sessions.

Sandblasted Titanium TC4 


• Titanium: 265.4 g.


Length: 75 mm

Width: 40 mm