ACEDC x Gobigger - Milkia - SS engraved - fidget slider - fidget toy

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Used SS engraved milkia in great condition.

Continuing ACEdc's minimalist design style, such as their Gamer Slider, Milkia Slider has a very innovative design concept. Inspired by Motorola Aura's, but different from Aura, Milkia Slider is made for repeatedly opening and closing the blade. Not only that, push up, push down, push sideways, tactile rotation and so on, it can do so many things! Milkia Slider is really genius design!

The 6 and 12 magnets cores are even more different experiences. No matter which core you play with, it will make you extremely satisfying, a feeling like walking on air.

Speaking of the ways to play, some say there are five, others say eight and even people say ten. How many ways does it play? You tell me! Take it back and unlock more fun.