ACEDC gamecart slider 3 in 1 - haptic fidget toy

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ACEDC gamecart slider 3 in 1.

Produced by ACEDC & Y.edc.

It's latest offering. The design was inspired by the Famicom / NES Gamecartridge. Since it has three push modes, we can call it a 3in1 slider.

The year 2021 means a lot for ACEDC Studio. The studio has grown so rapidly. They have been releasing so many amazing products including the Gamer, Milkia, Pingan buckle (doughnut), Emo's milk cap. They also gradually formed a distinctive and unique Fidget product style, that is, the exterior design is pretty much simple whereas the internal structure is extremely complex with stable running and excellent feeling. This time, 3in1 carries on this style without exception.