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Wanwu M camera slider - zirc - fidget toy

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Used camera slider in zirc. 



This is the Camera-M slider, produced by WANWU Studio.

It was filmed by Mr. Sentient Beings, one of the designers of this Camera-M sliderp. Mr. Sentient Beings is one of our honorary photographers who works full time as an art teacher. He is also a very famous spinner acrobatics master. A lot of amazing videos of the spinners on the fingertips that I posted were actually performed by him. This time he works with Mr. Henar, inspired by each other, they finally come out this genius slider.
Camera-M slider, is definitely a groundbreaking product with new concepts. It is different from the normal slider three-stage magnet layout, but uses four-stage to get stronger feeling and more tactile feedback. The anti-detachment design will make you play more at ease. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, you will like this intimate little design.

In addition, the factory also carrys out different treatment for different sections. For example, the lens are Zirc polished then blackened, the patch is polished then porcelain washed, the main body is polished then stone washed. Viewfinder is CNC stereo engraving...etc. Just so many details are waiting for your discover. All those details strive to bring our customers the best experience!
The Camera-M slider have separate clickers for both the lens and shutter. Is there anything more comforting and relaxing than clicking on while pushing off?

Full Zirc  (Polished)118g