Umburry Spyro glyde - haptic coin - fidget toy

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Used Umburrry blue anodized aluminum. 

“SPIRO GLYDE - Not a clicker, not a spinner. It's something in between...

A kinetic "worry stone", rub it between your fingers for a super slick gliding feeling. Use it as a spin base to spin large objects on top of it. If you can balance it you can spin it!

This V3 Spiro Glyde is machined out of 6061 aluminum, and is anodized in a bright blue color. The aluminum version Glyde offers the smoothest and quietest experience of all the metals.

The shells the most aggressive tear drop grooves to date. Comes with a padded plastic case with snap on lid.

Dimensions: 1.65" OD x .37" thick

Weight: 40 grams