Ruisha - Piston V2 - fidget toy

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Used Ruisha piston V2 In good condition. 

“The Fidget Piston V1 is undoubtedly beloved by so many collectors. People just love this big guy so badly. This time, the designer Mr. AMMO in the designing of V2 not only optimized the design shape but also deliberately reduced the size so that it can fit in more people's hands. The physical structure of optimized V2 is more smooth and beautiful and feels more comfortable. Mr. AMMOremoved the two-slot design on the switch but kept the CNC knife mark. When the bottom part is in the closed state, it is similar to the G2 toggle trigger. After opening it, you can spin it! This is also a major upgrade of the V2 design. The main body is hollow designed, this is definitely its specialty. Not only is it transparent, but the sound of Fidget is very different from V1. Sandblasted and stone washed, those give the V2 a better texture. RUISHA also specially made a TC21 (Advanced Titanium) desktop stand, which can be a TOP spinning when combined with the upgraded dedicated disassembly tool. Compared to the V1, the V2 has so many differences.”