Outlier Bomb Dungarees - White - 29 X 33.75 - New

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Outlier Bomb Dungarees - White - 29 X 33.75 - New

The 21st century jean. Lighter yet stronger than denim. Built with Bombtwill, a custom-developed super tough fabric with tons of structure for its weight.

If the Strongtwill was quietly bombproof this stuff is straight up the bomb. The Bombtwill is built around a very particular set of Supplex yarns that provide a unique and counterintuitive combination of softness and strength. Hundreds of air texturized nylon 6,6 fibers are spun into each yarn. Each single fiber is extremely thin and soft, but combined together they create a thick yarn that forms a dramatically stronger whole. The gentle touch of the individual fiber is still there but with so many fibers per yarn it hides under a rugged durability, there to slowly emerge with repeated wear.

The Bombtwill uses two different versions of these Supplex yarns. In the weft is a stretch yarn that twists over 300 air texturized nylon 6,6 filaments together around an elastane core. The warp uses over 200 of those same filaments, but without the elastane core. The result is a dense twill weave with a ton of structure for its weight. This structure means that fabric can hold away from the body creating garments with better airflow. Weighing in at 360gsm and 96% of it being nylon 6,6 means this is an incredibly tough fabric that should handle a serious amount of serious wear. The 4% elastane content gives it a subtle stretch. It is all finished with an F0 (fluorocarbon free) Zelan R3 DWR so it dries quickly and stays clean longer for superior wearability. ear.

96% Nylon

4% Elastane

360 gsm

Woven in Sweden