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Concussive cannon - SS - fidget toy

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Used concussive cannon slider. 

This is a concussive cannon slider.
The concussive cannon slider is considered as the first product in the MonthTech family. Some of you might feel like or even think it's a Laser V2? Well, you can definitely name it that way but it's not a laser V2. Although this slider and the Laser are both Mr. Henar's designs, and they even play in a similar way, the CC slider works completely differently than the Laser. CC uses a very strong and special magnet as feedback mechanism, it also employs a special surface treatment, makes it smooth, expensive but not stick fingerprint. Believe or not, it's a hand feeling you've never experienced before. Great sound, super tactile feedback, super healing, super comfortable.

I'm sure you'll so love it and be curious about its structure that cannot wait to disassemble it. Please note that all the screws have been glued. Make sure you have glue before you start and you will be able to restore it after you disassemble.