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Blackdog Fidget Slider Steel - Haptic Magnetic Fidget Slider, Office Fidget Toy, Edc Gear For Fun, Anxiety & Stress Relief, ADHD Tool

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Used blackdog stainless steel slider. 

Has minor scuff marks. 

The Blackdog Steel slider is a timelessly elegant fidget slider with a beautiful laser engraving on both sides. The pattern is laser engraved then annealed onto the slider, this produces a permanent black mark that will never wear away.

The slider is made from two different materials, the top plate is 304 stainless steel, with CZ121 Brass plates providing full coverage of the contact surfaces for a silky smooth slide. The sixteen N52 neodymium magnets pressed invisibly into the slider provide a satisfyingly snappy click.

There are many different ways to fidget with Blackdog sliders. You can slide up-and-down, side-to-side and around in a circle. You can offset the plates and press the top like a button. You can also have the plates slide silently or make then "click". It's totally up to YOU how you fidget.