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B. M. Choclick - Copper slider

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 Used black mirror copper choclick slider. 

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Video of zirc in action.




 "Some call chocolate the cheapest psychologist on the planet.

It has the ability to embrace childhood memories and pull nostalgic moments of pure satisfaction.

The creation of the Choclick brings to light the visual and stress-relieving aspect of an everyday chocolate bar, but this time it also clicks.

Machined with hollowed structure and 10 deep pockets that create a distinctive 3D echo sound where no one around can remain indifferent.

With an excellent thumb grip and a solid hand feel, the Choclick fits perfectly in hand and allows a satisfying medium-loud click in all 4 directions.

It has the perfect hand feel in shape, weight, and sound for the most delicious design.

• Aged Copper


 Copper: 139.2 grams

Length: 52 mm

Width: 30 mm

Height: 12 mm