Axiom EDC - titanium blasted PoGo knuckle roller

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Used Axiom EDC - titanium blasted PoGo knuckle roller. Unique knuckle roller with the pogo functionality.

“Introducing the Axiom EDC PoGo, a compressible knuckle roller that utilizes magnetic repulsion to bring another dimension of fun and fidgeting to traditional knuckle roller skill toy. Strong neodymium magnets are installed internally that create a spring like feel.

There are many ways to fidget, play and build skills when enjoying the Axiom PoGo. You don't have to know how to knuckle roll to enjoy this fidget. The smooth compression and rotation of the heads is enough to keep fidgeting hands satisfied!”

2.5” (62mm) Length Extended, 2.0" (50mm) Compressed, 0.75" (19mm) Head Diameter


Titanium: 40 grams