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TINB ARX-1 - zirconium slider

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Pre-owned zirconium TINB Arx-1 zirconium slider. Retails for $479.99 and is sold out.


ARX-1 is a sliding clicker that combines a double-click in all directions with a free rotation movement that gives you enough space to wander around during play while always remaining secured on the track. 

The ARX-1 contains the inner two-layered core that is machined out of fine TC21 Titanium alloy for extreme durability and damage-tolerance properties.

The rotation bar is built within the ARX-1 core layer, and CNC machined out of one solid Titanium piece to ensure complete security that is nearly impossible to damage even during the most intense play. 

The ARX-1 core layers are connected with one single screw that ensures a safe movement without disattaching.

Combined with 4 built-in Zirconia trackballs with extreme wear resistance and fracture durability properties, the ARX-1 is designed for a crushing strength as well as a delicate and enjoyable play.

The outer ARX-1 layers are a swappable magnetic case that can be switched around for a different style and hand feel.