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Pre-owned Metal Toys DZ Cyberball Bounce.

This limited edition Metal Toys DZ Cyberball Bounce is brand new, comes sealed and boxed, complete with all the accessories. (Lanyard and Bead NOT INCLUDED).

This magnetic push ball toy consists of a magnetic base plate and two magnetic balls. It provides a tactile experience with tingling vibrations during pushing and enables various maneuvers such as short-range rebounds, medium to long-range catapults, and long-range shots. For detailed gameplay instructions, please consult the accompanying video.

Both the base plate and magnetic balls utilize carving and inlay techniques, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship.

The magnets in the base plate are free of glue, allowing users to adjust their strength, position, and polarity, facilitating exploration of different gameplay dynamics and sensations.

A concealed lanyard hole is located at the tail, accessible by unscrewing the logo on the back.

Dimensions: 85.2*20*9.9mm
Diameter of magnetic ball: 14mm

Ti: 62.2g