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General care tips for hoyas and climate guide

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Since there are over 700 species of hoyas, it can be difficult to to give general care tips that will apply to all hoyas, but there are some common care tips for hoyas that can be helpful.

The best way to care for your hoyas is to consistently observe your hoyas often for changes. Noticing changes in the color of the leaves or new growth can let you know what to do next.  Yellow leaves may indicate mineral deficiency or root rot.  Aborted new growth will let you know that you are letting your hoyas dry out too long.  Potting mix that stays wet too long will let you know that you may need an airier mix.

Use stronger lights if you want to sunstress your hoyas.

Don't wait for your hoya leaves to get wrinkled before watering them because you're unnecessarily stressing them.  But it's still better to be an underwaterer than an overwaterer because root rot will kill hoyas a lot quicker.

Increase the amount of time artificial lights are on during the winter to have hoyas continue to grow during the colder winter months.

Hoyas seem to grow faster in humid conditions.  Use a humidifier or grow some smaller hoyas in a dome so that they can grow faster.

Acclimate new hoyas in lower light conditions so that they can adjust to the new environment over days.

Soaking new hoyas may not be necessary if the cuttings look fine.

If you're an overwaterer, make sure to use an airier potting mix or grow in leca or pon.

If you're an underwaterer, grow your hoyas in higher humidity conditions so that you don't have to water them often.

Here's a hoya temperature tolerance from David Liddle's Hoya catalog.

C =  Cool –  Lowest continual temp. 50° F; Highest continual temp. 77°F

I =  Intermediate – Lowest continual temp 60° F; Highest continual temp.  95°F 

W = Warm – Lowest continual temp 70° F; Plants will happily live at temps. over 95° for extended periods of time.




All of the Eriostemmas 


H. anulata  

H. australis ssp. oramicola 

H. australis ssp. sanae

H. clemensiorum

H. collina

H. cominsii

H. cummingiana

H. dennisii

H. densifolia

H. hypolasia

H. lambii

H. latifolia

H. marginata

H. megalaster

H. mindorensis ssp. superba 

H. mitrata

H. montana

H. pachyclada

H. patella

H. ruscifolia

H. siariae

H. subcalva 

H. walliniana

H. waymaniae


H. bella 



H. carnosa

H. compacta ‘Krinkle 8’

H. compacta ‘Indian Rope’

H. engleriana

H.  fungii

H. globulosa

H. cv. Iris Marie

H. kerrii

H. lacunosa

H. lanceolata

H. latifolia

H. linearis

H. longifolia

H. motoskei

H. obovata

H. pauciflora

H. polyneura

H. pubicalyx

H. serpens

H. shepherdii

H. albiflora


H. aldrichii

H. anulata  

H. archboldiana

H. arnottiana

H. australis ssp. australis

H. australis ssp. tenuipes  

H. benquetensis

H. bhutanica

H. bicknellii 

H. bilobata

H. blashernaezii

H. bordenii 

H. brevialata

H. burtoniae

H. cagayenensis 

H. callistophylla

H. calycina

H. camphorifolia

H. caudata 

H. cembra

H. chlorantha

H. chuniana

H. cinnamomifolia

H. citrina

H. clandestina

H. coriacea

H. curtisii

H. cystiantha

H. davidcummingii

H. deykei

H. dimorpha

H. diptera  (also H. 261, 266)

H. diversifolia

H. dischorensis

H. dolicosparte

H. eitapensis

H. erythrina

H. erythrostemma 

H. excavata

H. finlaysonii

H. fischeriana

H. flavescens

H. flavida

H. graveolens

H. greenii

H. halophilla

H. hellwigiana

H. heuschkeliana

H. imperialis var rauschii

H. inconspicua

H. incrassata

H. incurvula

H. ischnopus

H. juannguoiana

H. kanyakumariana

H. kentiana

H. lamingtoniae

H. leucorhoda

H. limoniaca

H. litoralis

H. lobbi

H. loherii

H. macgillivrayi

H. macrophylla

H. magnifica

H. meliflua  

H. meliflua ssp. fraterna

H. merrillii

H. micrantha

H. monetteae

H. multiflora

H. nabawanensis

H. naumanii

H. nummularoides

H. obscura

H. odettaea

H. odorata

H. oreogena

H. pachyclada

H. padangensis

H. parasitica

H. parviflora

H. paziae

H. pentaphlebia

H. picta

H. polystachya

H. pottsii

H. purpureo-fusca

H. pusilla

H. retusa

H. revoluta

H. rigida

H. rubida

H. samoensis

H. schneei

H. sipitangensis

H. subglabra

H. thomsoni

H. tsangii

H. vitellina  

H. vitellinoides  

H. vitiensis

H. wibergiae

H. sp. aff. micrantha

H. sp. aff. chuniana currently in circulation as H. chuniana

H. sp. Philippines  – thought to be the same as H. siariae