Zero One Edc - SS Pop - fidget toy

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Pre- owned - POP by Zero One EDC in SS, which has more weight at 93 grams.


Let's briefly introduce some basic POP gameplay. Pinch the main body of the POP with your thumb and forefinger, and shake the POP with force from your wrist. The nail plate will slide from one magnet to another magnet by inertia, thus completing the unfolding process of the nail plate. After the nail piece is unfolded, it makes a crisp and pleasant sound when it collides with the limit of the main body. At the same time, the pinched fingers can feel the vibration feedback from the collision, which is very decompressive.

As the name suggests, the card-swinging toy is a card-pushing toy that unfolds by shaking, but it is difficult to make it interesting with a pure magnetic structure, so we also combined the physical pressing structure of beads and springs, so that POP can play in the magnetic with the Physical Pressing" dual structure, the opening and closing are more comfortable, and there are more ways to play!

When pressing down on the nail piece, it will be hindered by the spring beads. During the pressing process, there will be a 6-stage experience, not only accompanied by a "click" sound, but also a massage-style high-frequency vibration feedback to the fingertips. And if you only press 4 layers, the nail piece will automatically rebound, repeat the pressing action, and the abnormal decompression!

If you are tired from shaking your hands and want to open and close the nails, just touch the gap between the nails and the top of the main body with your fingertips, and the nails will unfold instantly. At the same time, the tightness of the POP can also be disassembled and adjusted according to your own strength and preferences. Although it only opens and closes up and down, with the support of the double structure, there will be a variety of ways to play, waiting for you to unlock it yourself!


The sci-fi exterior design of the POP still adopts the consistent technological style of 01 Studio, and uses different processing techniques for different materials. The zirconium alloy uses brass inlaid patches, which has a higher appearance value! Both titanium alloy and stainless steel are treated with color and the surface is polished to show a layered texture, which adds value to the appearance! The cupronickel and red copper models have color matching, and the internal structure of the PEI model is clearly visible after polishing. Each model has been treated differently according to the material characteristics.


In addition, considering the risk of flipping the card when you shake it, the design also has a hole for a rope, which can be used with your favorite paracord and knife pendant!

At the same time, it can load 2*12 tritium tubes and 1.5*6 tritium tubes, giving players more DIY.

Dimensions : 47 x 28.5 x 12.5 mm