TopE - brass - worry stone - fidget toy

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Pre-owned TopE in SS.  

We are excited to officially kick off the launch of our new series "TOPE"! We hope you will enjoy our new structure, which travels through the universe, bringing more possibilities and new experiences!

Here are some details about TOPE👇👇👇

✨Metal: SS

✨Surface finishing: Polished(Don't worry about being too smooth, the surface lines provide plenty of friction)

✨Plate:SS Intensive Click plate(Suitable for 3mm balls)


[All valid purchases, whether you are in the first or second batch, will get a spot in the lottery, so please don't worry. The order of shipment is sorted according to the actual order of payment, I will give you a number: 1-50 for the first batch, 51 onwards for the second batch]

✨Weight:101 g