Magnus peak slider with zirc screw plate - fidget toy

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Pre-owned Ti with zirc screw plates. 

“I call this slider the "Peak"...because, when looked at from the side, it resembles the shape of two mountain peaks.

These "peaks" are not just for show. They are specifically designed for amazing ergonomics and flat-out "fidget factor.

Teflon® (PTFE Sliding Plates)

Just like the old saying goes...

Teflon® (also known as PTFE) may be the greatest thing in slider plates since sliced bread!

9 Months ago I designed and made my first slider with brass insert plates (this had never been done before ...a true world first). I then "dimpled" the design to improve the sliding experience.

After many months of trialing different materials (including bronze, stainless steel, copper, Vesconite plastic, bronze-filled plastic, etc. etc.). Zirconium was the hands-down winner ...and it's what I've been installing in sliders ever since.

However, recent trialing of Teflon® as slider plates has resulted in me questioning using Zirconium.”