Fidget things - coinfig - copper / copper plates / asteroid/space design

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Fidget things Magnetic Rotating Haptic coin.  Has some scratches. Retails for $79.

The first fully modular, configurable, and upgradable magnetic slider coin

This Modular coin allows you to pick everything you want for it.
You select the Material
You select the Design
You select Magnet Layout
You select how you want it to sound and slide

Each Coin is hollowed out and has an  cover/slider plate that secures a magnet config tray with 4 torx head screws. This allows you to swap out the inner Trays with different layouts or change the amount of magnets in them to give your slider a new feel. On top of this all parts will be sold separate so if you get tired of a coin design you can just swap that out and create a whole new look. 

The coin comes in 5 metals (see photos)
Brass - yellow gold colored metal
Copper - rose gold colored metal
Cupernickel - silver colored metal
Titanium - silver colored, hard, lightweight
Stainless Steel - Silver colored, durable, Dense

There are 4 Styles

Classic - Free Floating slider with 26 Small Magnets
Roto - 4 Click Rotating Coin around a fixed central point
Spun - Free Floating Slider with 5 magnets in one half and 1 in the other allowing it to free spin
FidgetCoin - 4 directional ball and track slider that can be also used as a top or worn as a piece of flair