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Pre-owned nano Mkultras - SS  

MKUltras - Nano Edition

The MKUltras are a hybrid design, combining elements of traditional Mala and Komboloi beads. The MKUltra name gives a nod to this lineage, as well as their expedience as tools to help us focus our minds and still our thoughts. They can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from quiet bead counting, through to raucous flipping. 

The unique setup of the MKUltras allows them to be worn like mala beads, or carried discretely in the pocket. They adjust by means of a simple friction fit through the larger "Micro Boss" bead closure. Although the design is exceedingly simple, we're fairly confident you won't find anything quite like them around. This is a knotless system, and does not require any special lock bead. The cord is simply compressed when threaded through the Micro Boss bead, providing a reliable, secure fastener, that is easy to adjust when needed.

In this way, the Ultras can be worn on the wrist, or loosened and slid up above the elbow to keep them out of the way when needed. Excess cordage can be knotted loosely around the Boss bead when they are worn on the wrist, or left dangling. This modifiable arrangement allows them to be used very quietly, for simple bead counting used in breath work and meditation, to "raindrop" methods marked by the satisfying, rhythmic clacking of the beads, as well as much more physical methods of manipulation which resemble short game begleri play. While they aren't intended as a highly technical skill toy, there are still a solid range of moves you can link together, and lots of ways of working with them.

The Nano Edition

The Nano Edition consists of 23 of our cylindrical "nano standard" beads, along with a single "micro boss" bead to close/ adjust the loop size. The shape and size of these beads gives them a slim profile, whether they're worn on the wrist or carried in the pocket. Click here to see the Ultras in action on our Instagram feed.


  • 23x 7.7mm Nano Standard beads + 1x 11.8mm Micro Boss
  • Materials and weights
    • Titanium: ~34g
    • Titanium Sunset (multicolour PVD): ~34g
    • Titanium Shinobi (black PVD): ~34g 
    • Copper: ~66g
    • Brass: ~62g
    • Stainless steel: ~58g
  • Strung on AO2's new custom 12-strand, high density, 2mm Kevlar cord
  • All beads drilled with 3.5mm bore, except for the micro boss, which has been drilled to 3.6mm to facilitate easy adjustment

New to the Ultras? You can wear em on your wrist, or check out the video below for some other examples of what these beads are capable of. 



Customer Reviews

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A Modern Take On A Classic

Once again, Matt has come through with a well refined & minimalistic option with the MKUltras. It took me a little bit to work through the options, as he something for everyone looking to expand their object manipulation. With my skinny wrists, it piled down to a few options, & Matt helped narrow that down this Nano edition. Following traditional Komboloi styles, with new-generation materials & playability, these are a really nice grass-roots option when it comes to wearable skill toys. The weight was also a massive factor, as I wanted something that I wouldn’t notice too much, & the Ti offers a low residue option that doesn’t smell. Very satisfying raindrops, & all round great set!

I added a snake knot, & run these with a little extra cord, & some basic begleri tricks transfer across. Amazing form factor that often has me forgetting they’re on my wrist, until I forget a set of begleri, then it’s comforting to know these are always there. I’ve got way more use out of these than I expected, & enough to warrant picking up a set of Mini Sigma MkUktras. Thank you, & happy slinging🙏

Great addition to the collection!

I got the Ti Nano and also have the original MKUltras in Ti, and I love highly recommend both of them!

The Nano is light and nimble. The nicest benefit over the original set is you can do tricks where all the beads are on one side and the boss bead the other - the original set is a bit too heavy for this style of swinging at over 70g. Raindop play is also superior as your fingers easily slide over the flat barrel beads.

I still love original MKUltras and they get equal time. I personally love the look of the larger beads, though the Nanos also look great when I'm feeling a more understated. They also feel great idly rolling around in your palm. Swinging the heavier beads is a little more limited in styles of play as I said before, but they're just as fun, just different, and give a very satisfying clack.

Keep the hits coming, Matt :)

A skill toy that never needs to leave your person.

These Nanos look and most of all feel great on the wrist, the machining is outstanding and it's very comfortable, but the MKUs aren't just a pretty bracelet, the weight is perfect for flipping and fidgeting. From rain-drops to bead counting to flipping these can do a bit of everything, great for keeping your hands busy and your mind rested. Love my MKUs!!

Very special

My Ti Nanos are on me daily I flip them first every day while my coffee drips. I love the weight, the feel, the quality, and the way they fall on my wrist. This set was a special gift from my wife for our 25th anniversary (Silver I know but Ti will cover it) I highly recommend this set!

Looks great/feels great.

I always wanted a set of Komboloi but worried they wouldn't stand up to my style of play (I get pretty rowdy with my clacks). These are perfect. Stunningly beautiful, well balanced with good weight, and indestructible. If you're gonna wear them then I recommend picking up some extra cord. They get super difficult to take on and off once the cord gets worn out so I've been restringing mine every couple of weeks. Totally worth every cent. They're one of my favorite toys.