Archangel Michael mokuti sword slider - fidget toy

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Pre-owned mokuti fidget sword. 

“Archangel Michael by Fashion Toy Studio

I know that sword kind products have always been expected by everyone. But due to international transportation restrictions, I rarely sell such products. Today I bring to you the Archangel Michael.

 Actually, they were already produced and arrived in my hands in September. You may have seen it at some other sellers. But I thought there was still room for optimization. So after receiving the products, I have not been selling them. Through continuous communication and experimentation with the author, we have finally completed the upgrade and optimization to improve the feel. So what I'm bringing to you now is an optimized version of Archangel Michael.


The design inspiration comes from GUNDAM. The name of the Archangel Sword also refers to the Archangel battleship in SEED. The sense of technology, lines, and layers make Michael's overall appearance present a unique mecha style. All screws are designed with a hidden design. The screws at the tip of the scabbard are fixed from the inside side. The screws of the sword handle are hidden under the gem. The end of the sword handle is a broken window cone.

Four forms:

• Form 1: Sword Form. Four segment magnet structure. The sword body cannot be fully pulled out, so there is no need to worry about disintegration, allowing you to fully experience the pleasure of using your fingertip to pop out the sword body.


• Form 2: Rail gun Form. Use screwdriver to remove the handle and scabbard tip, turn the direction of one side of the scabbard, then it becomes a slider. By changing the fixed position of the internal sliding blocks, a two-way 2-segment or one-way 4-segment push gameplay can be achieved. You can also replace the Teflon sliding blocks with SS ones to experience different tactile sensations.


• Form 3: Scepter Form. Remove the broken window cone at the end of the handle and expose the 4mm screw hole, it becomes a rod to connect other spinners. I will put in a few different screws as gifts. But the length of these screws may not be suitable for each type of spinner. Then you may need to use gaskets or insert foam into the gap.


• Form 4: Display Form. Connect the bracket inside the aluminum box to the hexagon SS COA card, and then fix the sword to the bracket through the screw hole under the gem. At this time, the aluminum box becomes a stable base.



• Length: 95mm~125mm

• Width: 35mm

• Thickness: 14mm

• Aluminum box: 115 * 60 * 32mm



• Mokuti: 55g

Retail Price - $399